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DIY: Modern Christmas Terrarium


Looking for easy, Christmas craft ideas? Today I am sharing how to make a modern, Christmas terrarium. 

Here I go again acting like a commercial sellout- posting Christmas decor before allowing Thanksgiving its own special day to shine.

No… I am not proud of contributing to this societal affliction, but after blogging for two years now , the Christmas creephas basically beaten me into submission.

Don’t get me wrong….I love Christmas!

I adore the glowing lights, the festive baking and the Dean Martin Christmas standards.  I especially love re-living it all through the eyes of my children,  but I have a problem with Christmas creeping in, and invading other holidays (like when retailers start shoving Christmas down my throat before Halloween).  Would you stop being such an attention whore, Christmas?!!

Ok….(deep breath) glad to get that off of my chest.

Moving on from my rant, I would like to share a super easy Christmas craft with this DIY modern, Christmas terrarium.



So I am sure you have probably inferred by now, this project is very straightforward. First, you will fill the terrarium with glitter of your choice. I am on a pink kick right now, but white glitter would have been beautiful as well.

Once you have filled the terrarium to your desired height with glitter, add  your bottle brush trees and reindeer. If reindeer aren’t your thing, you could always go with snow men (or snow women), miniature houses or people .

Voila…your modern Christmas terrarium is complete!

If you have little ones, I highly suggest letting them help you with the trees and the reindeer. You may have to suppress your obsessive compulsive tendencies (wine does the trick),  but your little ones will have a blast.

Further perpetuating my own hypocrisy as it relates to my sentiments on the Christmas creep, I have been busy decorating for the holidays. While I would prefer to wait until Black Friday to deck the halls, part one of my Christmas home tour will be going live November 30th and I want to have plenty of time to work on it, because this year I am branching out of my comfort zone.

So until then,  get out there and design some good vibes.

Modern Christmas Terrarium DIY



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