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Tiny Home Interview with Emily Higley

Tiny Home Interview with Emily Higley

I had the pleasure of interviewing tiny home owner Emily Higley of Logan, Utah. Over a year ago Emily learned of the tiny home movement while watching a Netflix documentary. She was immediately intrigued and knew that she wanted to be a part of this so-called movement. Living in a tiny home was a thought that stayed on her mind for quite some time. She had just recently moved into a large home with her husband and two dogs. She was unsure if her new interest would be realistic. After spending some time in her new house, she came to realize that they had way too much space and that their current lifestyle could easily be transformed into a minimalist lifestyle.

She and her husband, Adam, made the decision to downsize into a tiny home on wheels. Knowing this change was going to be somewhat of a challenge and a sacrifice, they did their research. They watched videos and collected advice from those who were already part of the tiny home movement. Emily and Adam learned of a few guidelines and chose to bring two to the top of their priorities. One was the Ten Item Wardrobe based on this Ted Talk given by Jennifer L. Scott:

The second guideline is for items outside of your closet. It is the Six Month Rule: Make a commitment to get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past six months (aside from seasonal items designed only to be used once a year). Generally speaking, if you have not used something in six months, you’re almost surely never going to use it. Emily and Adam decided to change this to a 1 Year Rule to better suit them.

Emily says she has seen many benefits since moving into her tiny home. She loved her experience downsizing and getting rid of unnecessary clutter. She has come to value the items that remain in her home. Their life is more joyful and simple with a lot less clutter, less to clean and no mortgage. Although many positive things have come from downsizing, the Higley’s have ran into a few issues since living in a tiny home. In Cache Valley, it is illegal to live in a home on wheels unless it is RV certified and is parked in an RV park.  Emily no longer enjoys the luxury of her beloved baths; they cannot enjoy sentimental possessions and have difficulty finding places to park their home in Cache Valley.

Emily is passionate about tiny house living. She wants people to know that it is possible for any individual or family to live with only the necessities. There are so many resources, including Facebook groups, for those who are interested and don’t know where to begin. She is excited to spread the word about tiny living and hopes for a tiny home community within Cache Valley soon.


  1. posted by Celeste on December 17, 2017

    Thank you for this perpective. My family lives in a lage home, but my husband and I dream of living in a tiny in utah county on a tiny land. Perhaps by the time we retire this will be a possibility.

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