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150 E 400 N Logan, UT

Top 4 Hikes in Logan Canyon, Utah

Top 4 Hikes in Logan Canyon, Utah

This is the new go-to guide on the most stunning hikes in Logan Canyon. Go ahead. Explore!

When is the last time that you went outside and enjoyed the fresh air? It’s been a while, huh?

Well, good news. The wait is finally over! We have created an easy to follow guide of what is considered to be some of the best hikes in Logan Canyon.

1. White Pine Lake

This hiking trail is undoubtedly at the top of our list. White Pine Lake offers breathtaking views throughout the 3.8 mile trek one way. The difficulty level has been ranked moderate. We suggest making a day trip out of it or even camping out for a few days. The options are endless!

2. Crimson Trail

Enjoy the soothing sounds of the creek while making your way up to the best view of the canyon. Trust us. You’ll be inspired to keep exploring. This is considered a moderate hike and it’s 3 miles one way. There are switchbacks at the very beginning but once that is conquered the rest of the trail is fairly flat. This is definitely a sight to see!

3. Tony Grove Nature Trail

This spot is a Cache Valley favorite! Stroll around the 1.3 mile loop and enjoy the gorgeous lake. There are plenty of trees to set up hammocks and nearby tables where you could have a picnic. So bring your loved ones and have some fun!

4. Wind Caves

Last but not least… The Wind Caves! This is by far the most popular hike in all of Cache Valley and it’s extremely close since it’s at the mouth of the canyon. This moderate hike is 2 miles one way and once completed you’ll get to enjoy the awesome caves. These caves are nothing like you’ve ever seen before so we would say that it’s worth it. The best time to hike this trail would be early spring to late fall but don’t forget to stay on the main trail!

Quick Tips:

-Bring a water bottle

-Let someone know where you will be

-Have a small first aid kit and flashlight handy

-Wear a jacket (it will be warm at first but once you reach your destination it will be colder since you will be on the top of the mountain)

We hope that you enjoy this guide and are inspired to go out and explore. Living in Cache Valley has many benefits and one of them is how close we live to the mountains. This makes a free and active outing always an option for everyone!


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