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Dawna’s Father, Dixon Allen

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From timeless toys to beautiful interior finish work, there isn’t anything this man can’t build.

With over 50 years of wood crafting experience Dixon Allen is one seasoned craftsman. He’s found his passion and he’s sticking with it. Somedays he’ll spend hours in his wood shop, just puttering. Other day’s he’ll be working hard on the interior of someone’s home.  He is always busy doing what he loves.

Just months ago he was working hard making sure all his children and grandchildren received something homemade for Christmas.  His youngest daughter, Dawna, received refurbished coffee table that had once belonged to her grandmother.  This will be a treasured keepsake prized for generations.

His nephew Jeff just completed construction of his new home and is pleased to be displaying a vintage front door that Dixon was able refurbish and make look beautiful again.

You will be able to see Dixon’s hand work all over Cache Valley.  He’s blessed many with his knowledge of wood working and will continue to do so, simply put working with wood is his passion.  If you are ever in need of a timeless toy made that will last for generations, some finish work completed on your home, or a useful gardening tool made, you will be able to find Dixon puttering in his shop exited to build something for you.

-Dawna Allen

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